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One-Sided Sans, Characters A–Z


Disfluent Design

One-Sided Sans is a disfluent typeface designed to prevent headline skimming and encourage mindful thought forming.

The display font’s idiosyncrasies have been largely determined by the functionality of the font. Portions of alphanumeric characters have been omitted so that only a partial view of the letters remain, rendering readability difficult—slowing the reader down—without completely compromising legibility.

Disfluency leads to deeper thinking by disrupting the thought-process and requiring increased concentration from the reader (Fallot, 2019). The stylistic appearance of One-Sided Sans is intended to encourage reflection and result in awareness of the reader’s news consumption habits.

0123456789@!#$\&%`<> +/()*- [=;?} {_^~,.

One-Sided Sans, Characters 0–9, Glyphs




Media Bias

One-Sided Sans is a social critique on the passive consumption of news and the role of mainstream media in shaping unquestionable world views.

By utilizing New Media, the digital typeface can be showcased and distributed through an information medium that circumvents mainstream media channels, breaking the barriers of potential media censorship.

This free and publicly available display typeface harnesses typography to promote deeper thinking and suspend judgment.


Image: Rupert Murodch, News Corp Executive Chairman (Vanity Fair)

Power can be returned to the people through drawing awareness to the extent of media bias and encouraging careful and considerate critical thinking when forming opinions; to look at not only one side of the story.